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  1. Driving School

  2. Driving School Pricing
    Shifter in our kart
    Shifter in your kart
    Junior, Senior, Master in our kart
    Junior, Senior, Master in your kart
    Kid, Micro, Mini in our kart
    Kid, Micro, Mini in your kart
  3. OGP offers driving schools from top instructors in the country on the same style karts and motor packages that win the big races in the US and across the world. 

    We use the Tony Kart chassis with Rotax and ROK motor packages from Shifter down to Micro.

    The instructors adjust the schools for the most novice driver to the most experienced.  The instructor uses their own kart to lead, follow and simulate any race situation possible.   There are numerous exercises they do with 6 different track configurations to work on cornering and passing to simulate any racing situation.  The schools can be as aggressive as the customer would like.

    OGP offers driving schools in our karts and in the customer’s kart: