1. The Ocala Gran Prix Scholarship Program Rules, Regulations and Guidelines:

      • Driver must be a resident of Florida for the past two years.
      • Driver must compete in the Entire Gran Slam of the Ocala Gran Prix Local series
        • The Gran Slam comprises of the entire Spring/Summer Series and the entire Fall/Winter Series.
      • Once a driver decides which class to compete in there will be no changing of class or engine platform.
      • Driver must maintain a B grade average in School.
      • No drops allowed from any local series race.
      • Driver may only win 1 scholarship in their lifetime.
      • Scholarship winners are determined by the total number of points added from both series. Points will be continually updated on the OGP website.
      • The Race Director will have final ruling on all penalties and infractions
      • There will be no appeals.
      • Should the first or second place finisher in the championship not meet the criteria, the scholarship will go to the next qualified candidate based on the end of the series championship points.
      • The scholarship program is only open for drivers in the IAME Mini Swift, IAME X30 Junior, Vortex Mini ROK and Vortex ROK Junior Classes.
      • All forms must be submitted within 30 days after the first race.
      • All rules are subject to change at any time.
      • All drivers must register to participate:

      Kart number
      Transponder serial number
      Contact number
      Email address 

    1. 2018 Scholarship Points IAME X30 Junior
      Ashton Chilton
      Shay Dokken
    2. 2018 Scholarship Points IAME Mini Swift
      Anderson Leonard
      Karsyn Walters
    3. 2016 Winners
      Rotax Mini Max
      Gabriella Ramirez
      Vortex Mini ROK
      Tyler Gonzalez
    1. 2018 Scholarship Points ROK Mini
      Alex Jacky
      Julian DaCosta
      Dean Dybdahl
      Tom Shoecraft III
    2. 2018 Scholarship Points ROK Junior
      Joey Atanasio
    3. 2017 Winners
      Vortex Mini ROK
      Evan Hagberg
      Vortex Junior ROK
      Bryce Haines