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  1. Racing at Ocala Gran Prix is where you will find the highest level of competition. We have our own Spring/Summer local series as well as a Fall/Winter local series. In addition, we host the Florida Winter Tour as well as other series like the ROK Cup and more.

    Ocala Gran Prix has everything you need to get started racing or to make the most of your racing experience. We have motors and chassis’ or complete karts for rent or sale. We also have the best mechanics and tuners for race day or whenever you need them. We also offer driver coaching to expand your abilities, whether you are new to the sport or a veteran.

    Ocala Gran Prix has a world class recognized race team. Our drivers get podiums in everything from Rotax Nationals and Worlds to the US Open and the ROK CUP. Coached by our veteran and experienced mechanics and tuners here at Ocala Gran Prix we have gone on to win a whole showroom full of trophies every year.

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