1. Track Highlights - Ocala Gran Prix

  1. Track Highlights

  1. The Ocala Gran Prix kart track is a nationally recognized racing venue. The track is still in amazing condition after being repaved in 2009. It is a smooth and 30-foot-wide asphalt track, great for speed. With such a wide kart track at Ocala, passing is doable compared to some other kart tracks in Florida, as well as some great places for spectators to watch from, with multiple sets of bleachers. Every turn is a great technical challenge for drivers of all skill levels. Our famous tree turn is a 160° turn that is the bane of many drivers. The tree turn looks like a simple enough turn at first. It isn't until you really start pushing that you see how demanding this corner can be.

    At 6/10ths of a mile with a chicane and hairpin, you can run 8 different configurations, including running clockwise or counter-clockwise. Your kart can reach speeds anywhere from 50-90MPH on the straight away, feeling up to 2.1G on every turn!

    Surrounded by safety barriers and staffed by the finest employees, you will always have a fun and safe experience on our track. Ocala Gran Prix has an onsite full service racing Kart shop that stocks parts and accessories, as well as many top notch mechanics and tuners who can help you with your kart.

    Ocala Gran Prix's kart track is home to our own year round local series as well as the Florida Winter Tour and many other kart racing events such as FKCS.

  2. Ocala Gran Prix Track Layout